Monday, November 21, 2011

Cousin Reunion

Back in August my dad got a visit from his cousin, Dick, and his wife.  They live down in Florida and were taking an Alaskan cruise via Seattle.  It was neat for me to meet my second cousin (and for the kids to meet their third cousin!).

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with Cousin Dick.  Before he came to visit I asked my dad what side of the family he is on.  My dad answered, "Both."  Okay, I know folks joke about the Midwest and how everyone is each other's cousin, but I didn't think it to be true (or at least true today).   Dad explained that his dad's sister and his mother's brother got married and had Cousin Dick so he really is from both sides, no incest involved!

Earlier this month my cousin Angela came to visit from Missouri.  She was in the area attending a conference on psychology and I hadn't seen her in 20 years.

Most of my parents' siblings live in Missouri so I didn't grow up being close to my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Since both of my parents came from large families (my dad is one of sixteen and my mom is one of twelve!) I'm guessing I might have close to 100 first cousins.  Even though I don't remember all of them I definitely remember connecting with Angela. I remember her and I being the same age and playing together whenever we visited so I was excited to see her and catch up.

Since Angela's conference was in Seattle, my youngest sister, Christine, and I took Angela over on the ferry to show her around.  We stopped at the Ole Curiosity Shop, the Seattle Waterfront Arcade (Mike's work), ate at the Crabpot, walked briefly through Pike Place market, and walked up to Angela's hotel that was a few blocks from the convention center.

From L to R: Greg, Me, Cathy, Angela, and Christine
Can you tell it's morning?

Docking in Seattle.

Stopping by to visit McDreamy.

Angela, playing King of the Hammer.

Eating at the Crab Pot.

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